• Reading

    • Use Phonics skills to read new words
    • Uses word structure (compound words, contractions, base words and endings) to read and write words
    • Comprehend (Understand) what they are reading:
      Character (who), Main Idea (what), Setting (when and where)
      Reads smoothly with expression
      Reads 500 sight words
      Uses past experiences, pictures, and text to make inferences and conclusions
      Knows story sequence (beginning, middle and end)
      Retell main idea of narrative (fiction) and expository (non-fiction) stories.


    • Correctly spell commonly used words
    • Be able to sound out words using phonics skills and spell them correctly


    • Writes neatly using a three fingered grip
    • Form D’Nealian letters correctly
    • Use upper and lowercase letters correctly

    Creative Writing

    • Writes a story with a beginning, middle, and end.


    • Counts money to $1
    • Numbers to 1,000 using 1s, 10s, 100s
    • Basic addition and subtraction Fact Families
      0– 20
      Adds and subtracts three digit numbers
      Recognizes and draw shapes
      Tells time to 5 minutes
      Measure to the nearest inch or foot
      Read and make graphs


    • Identify characteristics
    • Sort objects by properties
    • Observe/measure properties
    • Describe objects by material they are made from
    • Compare/Contrast solids and liquids
    • Know living things need food and water
    • Examine structure of living things
    • Describe properties of earth materials
    • Experience science through technology
    • Explore so that they wonder why they are practicing science

    Social Studies

    • Current Events
    • Understand rules of law
    • Responsibilities and Leadership in all areas (family, school, local, state and national government)
    • Constitution
    • Coffeyville, Kansas, US and World history


    • Listens and follows directions.
      • Be Safe
      • Be Responsible
      • Be Kind
      • Be Respectful
      • Be Cooperative
    • Keeps hands and feet to themselves.
    • Respect authority
    • Gets along with others.
    • Completes class and homework.

    Routines and Expectations

    • Arrives on time, fed and rested.
    • If having breakfast at school arrive by 7:45.
    • In class by 8:05 or considered tardy
    • Check and sign planner.
    • Pick up by 3:20.
    • Hallways: No running
    • Quiet in hallway and restroom