• 2023-2024 Board of Education Meeting Dates
    Click on the link above to download a list of meeting dates for the current school year.  Official school board minutes are maintained at the Board Office.

Board Agendas

Board Minutes (Unofficial)

Most Recent Board Agenda

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  • Want to Speak to the Board?

    Patrons have the opportunity to speak to the USD 445 Board of Education through a request process.  There currently is no "open forum" option on the USD 445 Board Agenda where patrons can walk in that day and ask to speak to the board.  The process is fairly simple and allows for questions/concerns to be taken care of at the lowest level possible.  Many issues/concerns are solved much faster by having an open conversation with the staff directly involved in whatever is taking place.

    Matters/concerns involving specifically identifiable employees or students of USD 445 Coffeyville may not be discussed in open session.

    Below are the steps that make up the overall process.

    1. A request to speak to the board is made either via email or in person to the Clerk of the Board (email link is below).
    2. Upon receiving the request, the Clerk of the Board will give/mail/email a copy of the request form to the individual making the request.
    3. The individual fills out the form, signs and returns the form to the Board Clerk.
    4. After review for completeness by the Board Clerk, the form is acknowledged via mail/email that it was received.
    5. The Board Clerk will then turn the form over to the Superintendent.
    6. The Superintendent may contact the person making the request to seek further information in hopes of resolving the issue/concern.
    7. The Superintendent will work with the Board President or Vice-President (in the case of the Board President's absence) to determine if the requesting person will be placed on the agenda.
    8. The individual making the request will be notified by mail/email of the decision made by the Superintendent and Board President/Vice-President.
    9. If the request is placed on the agenda, the individual will have three (3) minutes to speak to the USD 445 Board of Education on the topic stated.  The Board of Education will be given a copy of the request before the board meeting.  

    To request to speak to the board, please send an email to michael.speer@cvilleschools.com to get started.