• October 2018

    Posted by Amanda Mitchell on 10/23/2018

    Twister Pathway Sub-Committee

    The Twister Pathways subcommittee has been meeting to discuss what the project/unit should look like for this year and also discussed what each grade level pathway would look like.  The projects/units will be based on the Kansas Department of Education's Career and Technical Education (CTE) pathways and career clusters.

    Once teachers provide input on their projects, the committee will meet to put together a survey for students to take in order to choose the project they would like to participate in.


    It is our goal that Pathways will begin on January 28 and will continue through May 6.

    Social-Emotional Sub-Committee

    This summer 14 of our teachers attended the Trauma-Informed Bootcamp training in Derby, KS.  The training focused on how educators can help students develop insight into how they feel emotionally and physically in any given moment by placing themselves in one of four zones. 

    Teachers implemented zones of regulation in their classrooms this semester.  Students are given brain lessons, social-emotional curriculum, and information on how to regulate themselves.  All teachers that attended the training also developed a chill zone in their classroom. Students are able to use the chill zone when they need a few moments to regulate themselves before rejoining their peers in classroom activity.


    The committee is also working on the Community Cares Mentoring Program.  If you are interested in mentoring a student, contact a Mercury 7 committee member (see below).



    Service Learning Sub-Committee

    Kindergarten is making our school a better place by collaborating with another grade level to build a Rockin’ Rock Garden.   Besides designing and painting a rock in art class, the kindergarten project is filled with singing a song about service, reading literature where characters “make the world a better place,” and expressing gratitude by writing thank-you notes to those helping with the project.  To collaborate with a local resource, a guest speaker shared pictures and stories with the kindergarten classes to demonstrate how she is making Coffeyville a better place by renovating houses.

    The future sign in the Rockin’ Rock Garden summarizes the Kindergarten Service Project:   

    “There’s Only One You in this Great Big World…Make It a Better Place” (Linda Krantz)


    First and Fourth grade have teamed up work on a rock project. These students will be making and sending rocks to local and statewide hospitals to encourage patients who are going through cancer treatments and difficult health issues. The students will write on the rock an encouraging word and a message about what that word means to them. We will discuss what empathy is and how we can go about showing and expressing it to other people. We will be visiting the local hospital to deliver these rocks and tour the facility.


    Second grade students will read and discuss the story Only One You.  Students will design and create a unique hand painted rock to give to another second grade class in Montgomery County.  Students will discuss the purpose of starting the rock garden with the other schools. A few students will hand deliver the rocks to other second graders to see the impact of their service learning project.


    Third graders will be doing a beautification project where they will decorate rocks for a rock path at CES.


    Fifth grade planted the "Three Sisters,” corn, beans, and squash, as well as salad bowls with greens that we plan to donate to Genesis.  We study early Native American cultures and the colonization of America and farming was an important element of early American life.  We have tended to our little garden plots and dealt with some struggles such as heat and lack of rain just as they did hundreds of years ago.  We will also share our harvest just as they did in colonial America.

    The sixth grade students took a tour of the water treatment facility here in town presented by Mr. Shane George. We will send water purification straws to Haiti by way of CAHRA, a religious organization that performs mission work there. We will also meet with the local Rotary Club on October 23 to possibly partner with them on how to make a difference in our world through service learning. 


    Mercury 7 Core

    The M7 team has been working to make SPACE Time work as efficiently as possible and to meet the needs of every student currently enrolled in the program.  The team also provides direction and guidance to the subcommittees as needed.



    For questions or comments, you may contact any of the Mercury 7 team members:


    Jennifer Bright, principal  brightj@cvilleschools.com

    Julie Stukesbary  stukesbaryj@cvilleschools.com

    Debbie Mitchell  mitchelld@cvilleschools.com

    Chelsey Martin  martinc@cvilleschools.com

    Madison Bell  bellm@cvilleschools.com

    Amy Ford  forda@cvilleschools.com

    Amanda Mitchell  mitchellam@cvilleschools.com

    Lisa Stockton  stocktonl@cvilleschools.com

    Susan Lunt  lunts@cvilleschools.com

    Paula Page  pagep@cvilleschools.com


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  • 5/3/18

    Posted by Amanda Mitchell on 5/3/2018

    We had a good turnout at the Mercury 7 Parent Forum last week. Thanks for all those that attended. You can find answers to questions asked here.

    The Mercury 7: John Glenn team is working hard to prepare for all of the changes being made next school year. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, or want to volunteer, please contact anyone on the committee. We love to hear from our community!

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  • Parent Forum

    Posted by Amanda Mitchell on 4/9/2018

    Come meet the redesign team and hear about all of the exciting things we will be doing for your students!

    April 24, CES Multipurpose Room

    8:45-945 AM

    6:00-7:00 PM

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  • Latest Information

    Posted by Amanda Mitchell on 3/27/2018

    Currently, the Mercury 7 team is going through the parent surveys collected from Parent Teacher Conferences.

    If you did not have the opportunity to complete a survey, a member of the team will be contacting you for some information.

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