Virtual Tour of Areas of Concern

  • Below you will see a brief description and several pictures showing the current areas of concern at Roosevelt Middle School and Field Kindley Memorial High School.

    We are always open to provide a tour to patrons of our school buildings and we’ve had multiple community meetings inviting people in for a tour.  If you would like a tour, please contact us at 620-252-6400 and we will set something up with you in the evening.  Knowing that it is somewhat difficult to get in, we are providing several pictures of the current conditions at Roosevelt Middle School and Field Kindley High School that patrons usually do not ever see.  These issues are an important part of the school bond. The staff has worked hard, but the issues needing to be addressed simply cannot be done in a timely manner.

    The buildings look great on the outside, but that is a shell.  We need to do major work on the insides, addressing four key areas; ADA accessibility, plumbing, classroom/hallways and safety/security.

    As you read the information and view the pictures, ask yourself…”Would this be acceptable in my home?”

ADA Access Concerns

  • The pictures to the right depict several areas where ADA access is not available presenting long-time access challenges or are just completely inaccessible.  The buidligns were simply built for a different time, but present challenges for today.
    There is no ADA access to the fronts of the buildings. People in wheelchairs must call ahead and enter through the back doors. 
    ADA access to instructional spaces (gym, auditoriums, some classrooms) limit both student and patron participation.  Classrooms have to be moved to ADA accessible areas to accommodate student needs.  One of the pictures shows the ADA accessible viewing area of the RMS Auditorium....where you can only see half of the stage!
    Although not a tornado shelter, the safest place in the facility for students to go in a tornado situation is the basement, but there is no ADA access to the basement, only stairs.

    Areas that are not ADA accessible include:
    *  RMS front door entrance
    *  RMS gym floor and balcony area
    *  RMS auditorium main floor and stage area
    *  FKHS front door entrance
    *  FKHS gym mezzanine
    *  FKHS gym side classrooms (3 rooms)
    *  FKHS weight room/basement

Classroom/Hallway Concerns

  • On the right, you will see various pictures taken from classrooms and hallways at RMS and FKHS.
    The classrooms at FKHS and RMS have primarily remained unchanged over time.  Although the district has remodeled some classrooms, the vast majority have not been remodeled. 

    Areas of concern:
    *  Space no longer meets current needs of children.  Many classrooms still have original chalkboards and only one or two electrical outlets.
    *  Due to the glazed block/brick or plaster walls, there is no good way to place electrical without running exposed conduit along the outside of the walls.  As fixtures have changed it leaves areas that are “unrepairable”, such as holes in the walls.
    *  Much of the flooring at the high school is the original “battleship linoleum” from when the building was built.  There are multiple patches in classrooms flooring throughout the building. 
    *  Exposed pipes, air ducts and electrical conduit all create classroom and hallway environments that are not welcoming.
    *  Asbestos floor tiles still in many of the classrooms at the middle school and some at the high school.
    *  Old radiator heat units remain in many classrooms creating possible water penetration areas.
    *  More and more plaster in the classrooms and hallways is failing.

Plumbing Concerns

  • Both RMS and FKHS are nearing 100 years old. We are proud of these buildings and want to keep them for another 100 years.  Much of the plumbing in the buildings is original and needs updated.

    To the left are pictures of current plumbing fixtures at both buildings. Not only does the plumbing itself need to be updated, but also the quality of the restrooms needs to be addressed.  After many years of repairs, patches and various fixture replacements, they are in need of serious remodels.

    Specific Areas that need addressed:
    *  It is well known by the students at the middle school that brown water is a consistent feature in the restroom sinks. 
    *  Restrooms need to be remodeled, in some places there are 4 different wall types where repairs have been made over the years.
    *  Restroom floors have been patched multiple times as fixture changes and plumbing needs have changed creating unwelcoming environments.
    *  The glazed block on the walls at FKHS do not allow for changes in fixtures when breakage occurs.
    *  Many of the fixtures were put in place before partitions were installed creating narrow, confined restroom stalls.
    *  Plumbing is often exposed due to the inaccessible block walls creating a "spider-web" of pipes.

Safety and Security Concerns

  • Safety and security are mingled together in many situations.  The pictures in the gallery to the left show some of those concerns at buildings and are listed below.
    *  Entrances to both RMS and FKHS are wide open for a visitor to “roam” the building without ever seeing anybody.  Visitors may go immediately up or down the stairs and access the building without being stopped. This open access is both a safety and security concern that was also addressed by the advisor from Homeland Security.
    *  Neither the high school or middle school have a FEMA rated tornado shelter. 
    *  Although not a certified tornado shelter, the safest place for students to go at the high school is the basement under the gym.  Unfortunately, the basement is filled with the water pipes and plumbing coming from the boiler system, pool waste and sewer lines.  If they were to rupture when students were down there it could be extremely serious.
    *  During lunch, the students must walk outside to the cafeteria behind the middle school.  During this time, students are outside walking or waiting to get into the building creating concerns for their safety if an event were to happen.
    *  Not only are students outside, but the doors to the cafeteria and the doors to the buildings are unlocked so that students may enter and exit.  Unfortunately, there is no way to control who else might enter and exit the facilities either.