1. Will I be able to get my child’s medication? 
      • Yes. Please check our District facebook page for specific information regarding medication pickup. If you need it before Thursday, 4/19, message us at the district  facebook page or email closure.questions@cvilleschools.com
    2. How will children get their personal belongings? 
      • We are working on a system to return personal belongings. We will have this in place the week of 3/30. If you need something before that time, please message us on our District Facebook or use the closure email.
    3. How will school items be returned to school? 
      • We are working on a plan for school district items to be returned. Please check back for more information
    4. Is daycare closed for good also?
      • The Early Learning Center is considered a school and is closed as well.
    5. My daughter is in Kindergarten at Community Elementary. I understand online learning with the teachers isn’t really feasible with children this young but perhaps your online resources like ABC Mouse, And other programs that the school has access to will be made available to my child with some guidance as to how to help our child navigate these programs.
      • We will make as many resources available to parents as we can. These will come out in the Continuous Learning Plan. This should be available by Friday, 4/3.
    6. What about summer drivers ED that has been paid for already?
      • At this time, we have been closed until Friday, 5/29. If that gets extended we will provide refunds.
    7. Will Field Kindley high school students have to do online school?
      • Online learning opportunities will be made available. More information will be coming in the coming weeks.
    8. What are the plans for our graduating seniors? Are you going to reschedule it for a later date or just mail them their diplomas? What about all the graduation announcements that were purchased? I've heard there might be online assignments?
      • Plans for seniors and all students will be released in the next two weeks.
      • Plans regarding graduation have not been made at this time.
      • The school can not help with announcements purchased.
      • Online learning opportunities are being explored and more information will come soon.
    9. How do we know if our kids move up to the next grade and how do they get the stuff out of the lockers
      • Information will be released the week of 3/30 regarding learning opportunities and how to pick up personal belongings.
    10. I have a seventh-grader. All her work is done through laptops. We do not own a laptop at home. I'd like to know how will students continue their education
      • This information will be sent out. A survey of needs has been sent out.
    11. Will we have sports/ cheer tryouts in the summer?
      • These decisions will be secondary after the Continuous Learning Plans are created.
    12. Will drivers ed be postponed?
      • Not at this time.
    13. Will RMS mail our yearbooks?
      • We will make an announcement when they are available with additional information.
    14. Since school is canceled until further notice, what about the community scholarship applications the seniors filled out? Will we still be notified if we receive any?
      • More information regarding scholarships will be sent out.
    15. Summit - Due to teachers not being able to supervise during testing, are we going to keep power focus area test and additional power focus area test?
      • Yes. More information to come.
    16. What do band classes / swimming classes / leadership / art / physical participation look like?
      • This will come out in our Continuous Learning Plan the week of 3/30.
    17. What do PBL classes look like with different outcomes?  How will they present the final project?
      • Please reach out to Ms. Nash or Mr. Stalford. Students will either come in to present or use Zoom.
    18. How will this affect my GPA / credits/chances for college courses?
      • This information will be forthcoming.
    19. Are we just doing worksheets?
      • No, we will have a plan released the week of 3/30, by 4/3.
    20. Is there any chance school will resume this year? 
      • According to the Governor’s executive order, school will not continue (as we know it) for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year.
    21. When can students pick up their belongings?
      • Principals will be communicating with their building staff and parents on how belongings can be retrieved.
    22. How can we give our seniors a graduation?
      • We are working on what this could look like.
    23. Are teachers and paras expected to report to buildings?
      • This will be reviewed on a daily/weekly basis. At this time, we are following orders from the Governor regarding best practices. No more than 10 people in a group and keep a distance of six feet for any time longer than 10 minutes.
    24. How will education continue for my special ed student? 
      • We are working on a special services plan for our students with disabilities. We are in constant communication with Tri County interlocal oin how this will look going forward.
    25. If a teacher is high risk, or has an immediate family member who is high risk, will they be required to report to a building?
      • No.
    26. Can I get a refund on my lunch account?
      • Balances will roll over to the next school year and/or can be transferred to another student. 
    27. Will I still have my IEP meeting?
      • Yes. Meetings might look different with virtual or phone conferences but they will continue. 
    28. What does this closure mean to paras and other non-essential employees?
      • All employees (unless you’re in a high-risk category) will be on call to work as needed. All employees will continue to be paid according to their 2019-20 wages and hours. 
    29. Will there be an 8th grade promotion? Other 8th grade celebrations?
      • At this time, we do not know
    30. What should families do if they do not have internet?
      • Teachers will work with parents to provide learning in different ways, depending on the need of our families.  
    31. How will lessons be delivered to students without technology?
      • Teachers will work with parents to provide learning in different ways, depending on the need of our families.
    32. Will temperatures be required before students and staff are allowed to enter the buildings?
      • If a student or staff has a temperature, they should not be visiting buildings. If we are required to take temperatures of visitors, we can do so. 
    33. How will kids meet graduation requirements? 
      • The USD 445 School Board will vote to waive the credit requirement. We will follow the state requirements of 21 credits for the class of 2020. 
    34. What does art and PE look like online?
      • These lessons will be designed by our teachers. Lessons will be shared once they are available.
    35. How will grades work?
      • Teachers will decide the best mode to record the learning of our students.  
    36. I’m a single working mother and afraid I won’t be able to handle home schooling. How will I get the support I need?
      • Part of the district’s plan will incorporate support and resources for parents. 
    37. Will parents be given lesson plans for continuous learning?
      • Teachers will continue to create lesson plans that may include partnering with parents. This will look different PreK-12. 
    38. When should we expect to begin continuous learning at home?
      • Continuous learning is expected to begin March 30. 
    39. What should I be doing with my student right now, before continuous learning begins?
      • There are no expectations for academic activities before April 6th. Our only suggestion would be to begin working on routines and schedule so students are ready to learn, beginning academic activities on April 6th. 
    40. Will online tutorials from teachers be available?
      • Yes. Teachers and instructional coaches will be providing online tutorials.
    41. Will a student fail due to lack of support at home?
      • No. If a student is having trouble with the new continuous learning plan, they will be identified and interventions will be put in place to support that student.
    42. Will our students go to the next grade level?
      • We have met the academic standards for three fourths of the year and plan to continue those efforts for the remainder of the school year. If a student is on track for advancement, this should continue.
    43. Will teachers be reporting to school buildings or working from home?
      • Teachers will have the option to work in their classrooms or work from home. 
    44. Will we have the same hours as a normal school day or will it be different with the Continuous Learning Plan?
      • Continuous learning will not follow the regular school day hours. Schedules, lessons, and tasks will be flexible to best meet the needs of our families.
    45. Will 6th graders have a promotion ceremony?
      • At this time, we do not know. 
    46. Will preschool and kindergarten have online classes?
      • Preschool and kindergarten will follow the same continuous learning plan as other grades. 
    47. What about the families with a data limit on internet? 
      • If internet and technology is a problem during continuous learning, please contact your teacher to work out alternative solutions. 
    48. What time will continuous learning begin?
      • Times will be flexible to meet the various needs of our households. Continuous learning will not be set up like a regular school day schedule. 
    49. Will Driver’s Ed still be offered? 
      • At this time it is still scheduled. If this changes we will let you know. 
    50. When will continuous learning end? 
      • The district will submit a waiver to keep our last day of school as May 20. We do not know how the 2020-2021 school year will begin at this point. 
    51. Will students be required to be online at a certain time for live learning? 
      • There may be times when a class will meet online for live learning. These sessions will be recorded so they can be accessed if students are not available at that time. 
    52. Will any plans be made for prom?
      • Not at this time. Our present focus is on our continuous learning plan and implementation.
    53. Will there be an opportunity for students entering middle school or high school to get school tours or assistance?
      • At this time, all scheduled events with a group of 10 or more have been cancelled. We will continue to monitor the CDC guidelines as we keep the health and safety of our community a priority. 
    54. How will they handle tryouts for cheer and auxiliary?
      • Please contact your sponsor and/or activities director for rescheduled events. 
    55. What if my child was in the middle of a special education evaluation period? Will that be postponed? 
      • That will be a team decision that includes the parents. School personnel will be in contact with parents regarding the student’s evaluation process. 
    56. Our family only has one laptop to share but multiple students. Can we borrow an additional device?
      • Right now, our focus for laptop distribution will be to families with no devices in the home. If your situation becomes a barrier to learning and accessing material after continuous learning begins, please contact your teacher so we can address. 
    57. How are you handling new students during this time?
      • We will continue to enroll new students. Please call or email the appropriate school. Once a student is enrolled, the student will be contacted by the student principal/counselors and by his/her teachers to begin continuous learning. 
    58. What happens if our internet goes down and we can’t access classroom materials? 
      • Teachers will be flexible during continuous learning. If you are not able to contact a teacher via email, please call the school office during school hours and we will get you connected. 
    59. Will I need to find the materials needed to teach my kids at home?
      • No. Teachers will be sending out lessons and tasks based on the continuous learning plan. 
    60. Why are we having online school? Can’t we just cancel school?
      • No. The Kansas Department of Education is requiring districts to develop a continuous learning plan for their students. 
    61. Will preschool be a part of the continuous learning plan?
      • Yes. 
    62. We do not have the internet or a computer. How will we do continuous learning?
      • Our technology department will be providing devices to families with no computer in the household. Our goal is to have one device in each household. We are also looking at ways we can help families obtain the internet during this time. 
    63. Will the seniors last day still be May 15? 
      • May 15th is the last day for seniors.
    64. Will there still be summer camps? 
      • At the time, 2020 summer camps have not been affected by the COVID-19 school building closure. We are hopeful that summer activities will continue. 
    65. What happens to Kindergarten Orientation? 
      • Please contact your building to complete and return the forms needed for kindergarten enrollment and/or to sign up for the Age-to-Age program.







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