Laptop & Locker Clean out

  • Please click on the link below to reserve a time to check out your school laptop and/or any personal belongings out of your locker. If you do not need to check out your school laptop, but wish only to clean out your locker, you may still sign up for a time. If you do not need to check out a school laptop or clean out your locker, there is not a need to sign up for a time.

    Wednesday, April 1 9am-3pm
    Thursday, April 2 9am-3pm
    Friday, April 3 9am-3pm

    Laptops will be checked out by cart in one of three locations: The Front Door of RMS, The Back northEAST door of RMS and the Back northWEST door of RMS. Please note which door you will be checking out from based on where you keep your laptop normally (7th hour teachers for most students).

    FRONT DOOR: McCarty, Moore, Stevenot and Thompson
    BACK NorthEAST DOOR: Houghton, Office, Hintz and Smith
    BACK NorthWEST DOOR: Wegner, Ellis, Sills, PE

    Remember when you sign up, to sing up for the correct location based on your cart assignment. 💻

    SCOPE teachers will be touching base with you at the beginning of next week if you have any questions. Stay Safe Nado!

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