Mill Rate Comparisons

  • On this finance page you will find information as it relates to the school district mill rates and various comparisons.
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    Below is a table of all of the mill rates for the past several years for the school district.
    Mill Rate Table

Mill Rate by Year

  • The graph below shows the total mills that have been levied over the past several years by the school district.
    Total Mills

Fund Mills by Year

  • This chart shows each of the funds as a separate line and allows you to see the comparison over time and how they have changed.
    fund mills over time

Fund Mills by Year

  • Below is a graph that shows the mills for each of the district funds as a portion of the total mills.
    total mills

Current Year Breakdown

  • This pie chart shows the overall mill rate for the current year, broken down by each of the levied funds.
    Current Year

Area Comparison

  • Here you can see a table of the area mill rates for comparisons and the increaes/decreases over the past several years.
    Area mill rates
    Area mill incdec

Area Mill Rates

  • This graph shows the area mill rates and the changes over the past several years as recorded.
    mill rate change