• Phase 1: Building Improvements
    The purpose of this webpage is to show everyone what is currently taking place at Field Kindley High School and Roosevelt Middle School.  
    If you have any questions, please call 620-252-6400, or email us at the central office.

Phase I Improvements

  • * Safe-Secure Entrances for RMS and FKHS
    * ADA accessible entrances for RMS and FKHS
    * ADA accessible parking lot for visitors and staff parking
    * ADA accessible elevator to go from Fitness Center to first floor to mezzanine area in FKHS gym
    * All areas that are being remodeled will have replaced and updated plumbing installed
    * New full-sized PE/Gymnasium for RMS
    * Remodeled mezzanine area in the FKHS gym to include new concession stand
    * New instructional classroom for sTOReNADO to be located in the mezzanine area of the FKHS gym
    * Remodeled main office and teacher work area at RMS and FKHS
    * Remodeled classroom space at RMS and FKHS
    * Remodeled boys’ and girls’ restrooms

    Phase I is well underway, but what is going on now?  Most people can see the improvements from 8th street (the new parking lot, the gym concrete going in) but what is going on inside?  What are the students seeing each day?  Want to see what almost 100 year old plumbing looks like?  The images above are of the construction progress that is being made.  Newer images are towards the beginning.  You can either scroll through or allow the player to automatically advance them for you.  Right click on any of the images and you can open them in a larger windwo.  Fill free to contact us if you have any questions.

Downloadable Images

  • Who is Partnering with the district to make this happen?
    Crossland Construction Company   Incite Design Studios  CRI Plumbing   KELI Electric


    Want to see the images a little larger?  Click on the link below to download the image directly. 

    *  Parking:  ADA Parking and acessbility for visitors and staff to safe-secure entrance at FKHS: (Street View)  (Aerial View)
    *  Safe Secure Entrance:  FKHS will use existing entrance but RMS will have a new entrance area: (Safe-Secure Entrance)
    *  Elevator:  A new elevator will allow for ADA accessibility to all levels of the FKHS PE complex:  (ADA Elevator)
    *  Gym:  A new PE/Gym will be constructed north of the existing Food Service Center, north of the middle school:
        (PE/Gym NW Corner View)  (PE/Gym NE Corner View)
    *  Mezzanine:  Remodeled Mezzanine area will house new instrucational space sTOReNADO and concession stand:
        (sTOReNADO Rendering)  (Concession Stand)  (Overall View)


  • How are Phase I Construction & Improvements funded?

    The district is using its existing funds out of Capital Outlay and funds through a lease purchase to make the Phase I
    improvements.  Capital Outlay funds have been set aside for several year in anticipation of improvements and are already
    on hand.  The lease purchase will be paid back in installments over a 10-year period of time.  The district has maintained
    the mill rate with slight variations over the past 15 years.  The overall tax rate for the school district has decreased
    approximately 0.4 mills as compared to the previous year.  The district has been saving its pennies so we can start this
    very important first phase in order to keep and maintain the buildings for years to come.  

  • History Information

    Approximately 4 years ago the district adopted an overall facilities plan for the Field Kindley Memorial High School and Roosevelt Middle School complex.  This facility plan included several components to the overall property and both buildings that needed to take place.  The district attempted to complete all of these projects at one time with a bond election.  These attempts were voted down by the voters.   The bond would have accomplished all of the specific needs within a 2 year window, but would have increased taxes.

    While the bond election votes were voted down, the needs for the facilities still remain.  Before the bond attempts were made a two-year facilities committee met and discussed needs for the facilities in a wide perspective, touching all aspects of the almost 100 year old buildings.  Two main items emerged from the bond attempts that resonated:  1:) Break this up into smaller pieces/chunks to be done, and 2:) live within your means.


    Current Efforts 

    The district took the information regarding the needs and broke the project up into multiple phases.  Each phase beyond Phase 1, is not entirely set as it will take significant time in-between each of the phases to pay for it as the district will have to accumulate funding for that specific phase.  By breaking it up into various phases, the district has listened to the voters and has been able to live within it's means.

     This page will show what all is included in Phase I of the Construction & Remodel efforts on the high school/middle school campus.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the central office at 620-252-6400 or email us at the board office for more information.