• USD 445 Indian Education Program

    Erin Lee, Director 

    It is the mission of the USD 445 Indian Education Program to support local educational agencies, individual tribes and organizations, post-secondary institutions and other entities to meet the unique educational and culturally related academic needs of American Indian students.

    The USD 445 Indian Education Program is funded through two grants: 1. The Title VI U.S. Department of Education – Students enrolled in Title VI are NOT required to possess their own tribal certification, but must have a parent or grandparent who DO have their own tribal card. 2. JOM (Johnson-O’Malley) this is funded to us through a co-partner program with Cherokee Nation – students enrolled in JOM MUST possess their own tribal certification/tribal membership from a federally recognized tribe to be eligible for their benefits. For our school district to continue to receive these grant monies, it is important for parents to continue to enroll their student(s). USD 445 currently has 401 students enrolled in the Title VI Program and 155 students enrolled in the JOM Program.

    There are three components to the USD 445 Indian Education Program:

    1. Elementary

    2. Middle/High School

    3. Community Outreach


    Elementary Component

    • For Native American students who are enrolled in our JOM Program, we will pay a portion of their yearly book fees.
    • Native American students who are enrolled in our Title VI/JOM Programs have the opportunity to participate in our after-school “Indian Club”; available to grades K-6 from September through April, one day each week for students to learn about their American Indian culture and heritage through storytelling, crafts, music, and games.
    • End of the year field trip to Woolaroc for those students who participate in the After School Program.


    Middle/High School Component

    • For Native American students who are enrolled in our JOM Program, we will pay a portion of their yearly book fees.
    • Offer Native American students who are enrolled in our Title VI/JOM Programs the opportunity to attend monthly meetings and participate in field trips through the individual school’s Native American Clubs. These students participate in activities/field trips and learn more about their unique heritage and culture. Some activities include our annual Native American Food & Craft Day, Community Service Learning field trips,participation in both the FKHS Homecoming and City Christmas parades, and team-building activities.
    • Tutoring is available to those Native American students who are in need of extra assistance.
    • High school seniors who are enrolled in our JOM Program receive $25.00 towards the purchase of the senior cap and gown.
    • High school seniors enrolled in the JOM Program receive information regarding college resources at a luncheon honoring their graduation achievement.


    Community Outreach Component

    • Through both the middle and high school Native American Clubs, these students participate in Community Service activities to be determined each year.
    • Both middle and high school Native American Clubs combine their efforts to decorate a float for the High School Homecoming Parade and/or for the City of Coffeyville Christmas Parade.
    • The USD 445 Indian Education Program provides several yearly programs; One being held at Community Elementary School—Native American dancers/drummers who perform for the entire school, not just the Native American students. In September we host a Unity Gathering that is a free, open to the general public event held on a Saturday, so that all can come learn about Native culture and heritage. During a large event in our community called Coffeyville Dalton Days held in October we help provide another performance that brings our community together to help learn about our culture.


     The purpose of Community Service/Service Learning is to teach our students the Native American attributes such as respect, integrity, self-confidence, cooperation, commitment, responsibility, and leadership.Through a partnership with Native American Fellowship, Inc., which is located on Cherokee land in South Coffeyville, OK, USD 445 American Indian students are encouraged to attend the Youth Group meetings they hold and to attend Cherokee language classes; as of 2021, Cherokee Nation is offering language classes online. Additionally, the Indian Education Program Director is available to assist if possible, with students applying for their own tribal certification/tribal membership.


    For more information, or to enroll your student in our program, please contact Indian Education Director, Erin Lee at erin.lee@cvilleschools.com or 620-252-6420, ext. 13201.







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