• CES will empower students socially, emotionally, physically and academically, one life at a time in order to be prepared for real-world experiences.



    By the time students leave CES, they will meet or exceed the national average by showing continued improvement through building wide nationally normed benchmark testing.



    Students will demonstrate resiliency concepts resulting in fewer referrals to the office or the counselor as measured quarterly.


    Health and Wellness

    Increase health awareness by creating a CES Wellness Plan for staff and students.

    Service Learning Projects

    A service learning project is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection.

    These projects:

    • Enrich the learning experience
    • Teach civic responsibility
    • Strengthen communities

    The service learning projects will revolve around social studies standards.  Grade levels will focus projects on different levels of service:

    • K-1: School and community
    • 2: County
    • 3-4: State
    • 5: United States
    • 6: World

    Twister Talk Times

    The purpose of Twister Talk Times is to allow more social and emotional growth for our students, as well as more connection between staff and students.

    Each group contains 8-12 students, aged K-6, and one staff member. Staff members include all teachers, aides, para-professionals, and more. These mixed-age groups will remain constant throughout the students’ time at CES.

    Community Elementary School will use research-based activities to build our weekly lessons:

    • Include greetings, share time, and problem-solving
    • Goal Setting
    • Team building
    • Communication skill development
    • Social skill development


    At this time we are pivoting on our Pathways program. Our Service Learning activities have CTE Pathways embedded into them. However, we are looking into how we can better serve our students in the future.


    The Mercury 7: John Glenn team is made up of teachers, counselors, literacy coaches, and building principal. If you would like more information about the project, please contact a team member:

    Jennifer Bright, Principal, brightj@cvilleschools.com

    Chelsey Martin, Counselor, martinc@cvilleschools.com

    Amy Ford, Counselor, forda@cvilleschools.com

    Debbie Mitchell, Literacy Coach, mitchelld@cvilleschools.com

    Julie Stukesbary, Literacy Coach, stukesbaryj@cvilleschools.com

    Lisa Stockton, ESOL Coordinator, stocktonl@cvilleschool.com

    Paula Page, Resource Specialist, pagep@cvilleschools.com

    Susan Lunt, Teacher, lunts@cvilleschools.com

    Madison Bell, Counselor, bellm@cvilleschools.com

    Amanda Mitchell, Teacher, mitchellam@cvilleschools.com