Bond November 5th

Welcome to the School Bond Pages

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Important Dates

  • Here are a list of the improtant voting dates:

    * 11/5   - School Bond - Please Vote!

Average Homeowner Cost

  • Cost per year for the average Coffeyville homeowner is estimated at $7.37 a month.
    Look under the FAQ and Financial sections for more infomation regarding the costs.

Why the Bond?

  • The high school and middle school are almost 100 years old and the community has made it very clear to keep these buildings.  We are proud of them!  Every building needs to be updated and times have changed from when they were built.  The "Why" may be summed up in three words... SAFE, SECURE and SENSIBLE.


    * A FEMA rated tornado shelter to house all students and staff at the middle school & high school campus
    * Improved traffic flow providing safer access at the early learning center, elementary school, and middle school & high school  campuses


    * New security measures, including secured entries at the middle school & high school
    * Increased student security at the middle school & high school campus via connecting structures


    * Remodeled classrooms at the high school and middle school
    * Save our buildings for the next generation
    * District-wide ADA accessibility upgrades
    * Reduced crowding at the elementary school
    * New/renovated programming and space for 21st Century learners
    * New and/or updated mechanical and electrical systems for increased efficiency
    * New and/or updated plumbing systems to ensure buildings remain viable into the future