O'Brate Scholarship

O’Brate Foundation Traditional College Scholarship Application - https://obrate.smapply.org/ 


The scholarship awards are based on financial need and will vary in size from $500 to $5,000 annually. This year we will be awarding approximately 45 scholarships, so we would appreciate your help by encouraging only students who meet the financial qualifications to apply for this need-based scholarship. The following are tips to help your students determine if they fall within our definition of financial need.


*If annual income exceeds the listed amount for that family size, then we feel the student does not have financial need, unless there are extenuating family or financial circumstances. There is space available in the Application for students to share detailed information regarding an extenuating circumstance.

2020 O'Brate Scholarship Income Guidelines

Family Size

Immediate Needs

Traditional College &         Dual-Credit Scholarships

























For households w/ more than 8 persons, add $4,480/additional person.


UPDATE in Regards to COVID-19 Provisions

Ø  TRADITIONAL College Scholarship: The Application DEADLINE WILL NOT CHANGE because the entire process can be completed online, however; we have determined that exceptions for transcripts is the action that would be most beneficial to applicants at this time. Therefore, OFFICIAL Transcripts WILL ONLY be REQUIRED for students who are selected for the INTERVIEW ROUND (applicants who make it to this round will receive DIRECT communication from us before Memorial Day). We do, however, still welcome applicants to request their OFFICIAL Transcripts be sent to us, directly (mail, fax, electronic from third party service) from their respective institutions, before May 1st if they are so able. In the event that students are unable to request official transcripts, they are given the following options to carefully review & select based on their situation in the Transcript Task-Line on the Application:  

ü  I have requested OFFICIAL Transcript(s) be sent to the O'Brate Foundation.

ü  I am UNABLE to request OFFICIAL Transcript(s), but will UPLOAD UNOFFICIAL Transcript(s) to the ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTS Task-Line of my Application.

ü  I am UNABLE to request OFFICIAL  or provide UNOFFICIAL Transcript(s) at this time.

Ø  DUAL-CREDIT Scholarship: The Spring 2020 Semester Application DEADLINE & Document REQUIREMENTS WILL NOT CHANGE. The entire process can be completed online.

Zippia Scholarship - https://www.zippia.com/research/scholarship/ Due Date: Dec. 31st, 2020